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Pick Pack List
di FirstCom

Pick Pack List

di FirstCom
Easy to streamline your order fulfillment
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  • Info su Pick Pack List

        Complete overview of items to pack with daily Pick Pack Lists
        Convenient date filters for easy tracking of Pick Pack Lists
        Download or print your Pick Pack List
        Product image, product name and quantities are clearly displayed to reduce confusion
    The Pick Pack List app streamlines your Pick, Pack and Ship process whenever a customer places an order on one of your sales channels. Our app consolidates all your store orders into daily Pick Pack Lists so you can get a clear overview of what you need to ship out every day. Each Pick Pack List displays crucial information like the product image, product name and quantities in a clear and easily readable manner. Simply print or download your Pick Pack List and distribute them to reduce confusion on the packing floor. Pick Pack Lists are also automatically saved and dated, making it easy to keep track of shipped orders and delivery information so your business stays organized. Optimize your Pick, Pack and Ship process with us to ensure smooth order fulfillment, timely delivery and happy customers.
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