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Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO
di Convertize Ltd
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Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO

di Convertize Ltd
Social Proof, FOMO and Sales Pop notifications
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Info su Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO

    Social Proof: show sales pops, sign-ups, visitors, and reviews on your website to build trust and increase conversions
    FOMO: create a sense of urgency by displaying low stock levels and showing how quickly products are selling out – compelling users to take action and reducing cart abandonment
    UX: improve customer experience with elegant, and non-intrusive messages that are built for humans – easy to use
    Nudges are customizable, mobile friendly, and available in 30+ languages to match the look and feel of your website
Nudgify is a Social Proof & FOMO app that uses live data to add real-world context to your website – increasing your sales and sign-ups. Choose from a full library of notifications (“Nudges”) to build trust, increase conversions, and improve customer experience. Show recent purchases (sales pop), sign-ups, reviews, order deadlines and more. Because Nudges show your visitors REAL data, they create irresistible Social Proof, FOMO and Urgency. Custom Nudges allow you to create your own message and share key information at any stage of the customer journey. By drawing attention to special offers, discounts, announcements or industry awards, you can make sure visitors see what’s most important. More than a simple Social Proof App (cf. Provesource, Wisernotify, Popify). You can use Nudgify to: - Increase your conversion rate - Improve customer experiences - Prevent page exits and cart abandonment Nudgify suggests the best messages for your page type, your goals and your industry. Once you have chosen the best Nudges, information like new sign-ups and purchases are gathered in real-time. Nudgify has already helped thousands of businesses to make their websites more engaging.
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