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Fomo Social Proof
di Fomo
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Fomo Social Proof

di Fomo
Boost Sales with Social Proof Notifications
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Info su Fomo Social Proof

    Build credibility, gain trust and increase your sales by using animated social proof notifications or text placed strategically throughout your site.
    Create a more personalized, branded experience by customizing your notification themes to match your brand.
    Track and measure results with Google Analytics or our detailed attribution dashboard.
    Unlock your store's potential by connecting 100+ apps you already use to display sales, reviews, newsletter signups, live visitor counts, social media activity, and more.
Social Proof creates the online equivalent of a busy store or restaurant, showing prospective shoppers that other people trust your business. Displaying social proof like this increases credibility and makes your website look like an active, thriving business. This is what exactly Fomo allows you to do. With just one-click integration, it empowers you to display customer actions (recent purchases, newsletter signups, and even recent page views) on your websites. Fomo is ideal for all kinds of businesses, including hotels & restaurants, real estate, professional service providers, ecommerce merchants, & more. Show off recent reviews from satisfied customers. Use Fomo to: 1. Share social media activity 2. Create urgency with live notifications & strategically placed Fomo nudges 3. Create & customize notifications in minutes – no coding experience required. 4. Connect instantly with 105+ native integrations, including Mailchimp, Instagram, Stripe, and more 5. Utilize powerful branding, customization, and ROI tracking capabilities to make Fomo an integral part of your online strategy Increase conversions with instant, clickable calls to action. Start your 14-day FREE trial today
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