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di ConveyThis
Devi avere un sito Premium


di ConveyThis
Add new languages, boost traffic and sales.
Devi avere un sito Premium

Info su ConveyThis

    100+ Languages
    Automatic language redirection
    Setup sub-domains via DNS
    Translate images and PDF files
Key benefits you will get using ConveyThis Translate: Ability to offer your products to customers around the globe Analytics dashboard to track and optimize conversions Simple interface to edit your translations Ability to delegate the whole translation process Highly customizable language button Dedicated support to all users Easy to install and integrate ConveyThis App is the modern solution where you won't need to deal with any coding or difficult schemes to get it to work. Once you installed the app to your store, it automatically creates for you a ConveyThis account, where you need to select a single most important thing for you multilingual site - source and target languages. From that point you're good to go. The language button is now live. User-oriented appearance Button customization allows you to set it up as you want. Whether you have additional pop-up forms or just simply want to move the button you can always change its position in the settings. There many other customization options
Disponibilità:L'app è disponibile in tutto il mondo.
Lingue dell'app:
Puoi tradurre tutti i contenuti dell'app mostrati sul tuo sito in qualunque lingua.
Requisiti del sito:
- Pacchetto Premium
- Dominio collegato

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Pacchetto Basic


+1 translated language
2,500 translated words
2,500 monthly page views
Pacchetto Starter


+1 translated language
10,000 translated words
10,000 monthly page views
Pacchetto Business


+3 translated languages
50,000 translated words
50,000 monthly page views
Pacchetto Pro


9 translated languages
200,000 translated words
200,000 monthly page views
Confronta tutti i piani* Il prezzo è in USD, fatturato da ConveyThis.

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