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How your agency can generate leads in the Wix Marketplace

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As an agency or freelancer, you know how tough lead generation can be. You run ads, offer gated content, take on business partnerships and go to conferences, all in hopes of finding more clients. As you’ve likely found, while these types of efforts have the potential to work, they can also be costly and time consuming, and aren’t guaranteed effective.

Lead generation is a top pain point for agencies today. But what if you could streamline that process? The Wix Marketplace will help you do just that. It’s an opportunity to generate qualified leads and grow your client base. In return, Wix users get the best experience and a finished product they love. It’s a win-win situation.

But the Wix Marketplace is more than just a personalized lead generator. It’s a place to showcase your best work, boost your agency’s credibility, make connections with fellow professionals and build lasting client relationships.

We recently opened up our Marketplace to new Partners, which makes now the best time for you to join!

Example of the Explore Services page and a Wix Partner’s profile in the Wix Marketplace.

What is the Wix Marketplace?

It’s where agencies and freelancers get hired to design, develop and market Wix users’ websites. By having leads sent straight to you, you’ll save time and resources prospecting, targeting and organizing your clients. You’ll also be able to view, track and submit projects, all in one place.

Our Marketplace is fully integrated with Wix, which means you’ll enjoy a streamlined client workflow—from project request to handover. We preempt Wix users’ needs and make it easy for them to find you through dozens of Marketplace entry points across our platform. For example, if a Wix user is looking for a logo or help with their SEO, there’s a Marketplace entry point for that. This way, Partners of every service offering get a steady pipeline of incoming leads and Wix users get a smooth customer experience. To illustrate just how steady that pipeline is: In the first quarter of 2020, the Wix Marketplace received more than 117K client project requests.

“We no longer need to wonder where our clients will come from. We only work with leads from Wix. It feels like Wix is a true partner that’s helping me develop my agency.

Rodney Bonner, Cardinal Group Marketing

How the Wix Marketplace works

As a freelancer or agency, you can join our Partner Program and start growing your client base on our platform. Once you’ve earned 2000 points, you’ll be eligible to apply.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll start getting matched with qualified leads and receive project requests directly from Wix users based on your service offerings:

  • Web design

  • Web development

  • SEO

  • Graphic design

  • eComm

  • Marketing and promoting

  • Small tasks

Example of a Wix Partner’s Services & Rates page in the Marketplace and a Partner’s Services & Rates settings.

Additionally, the Wix Marketplace is built to help you scale. As you expand your services, you can add them to your profile. And remember, one project can always lead to another. Even a small task is an opportunity to build a new relationship or offer additional services.

"I don't think there's a better marketplace on the Internet for agencies."

Steve Kwolek, BrokerWebs

How to generate the most qualified leads

You can find success in the Wix Marketplace by being as accurate, available and proactive as possible. Here are our top 4 tips for generating the most qualified leads in the Wix Marketplace.

1. Highlight your skills and expertise

To make your agency stand out, we suggest making your profile as robust as possible. Give clients a feel for your agency by sharing about your professional background, unique skill set and special achievements, and be sure to let your personality shine through. After all, Partner-client relationships are just that—relationships. And clients want to hire professionals they can see themselves getting along with.

Set your prices, services, location and the languages you work in to make sure you get the most relevant leads. Additionally, feature up to 20 client websites you’ve created, so people can see your work.

To see an example, check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide.

Example of a Wix Partner’s About Me and More Info sections on their profile.

2. Create the best client experience

We recommend being proactive and contacting each lead after you’ve been matched. You can get the conversation started by reaching out, sharing how you’ll be able to help with their project and asking what else they might need.

3. Keep completing projects

The more projects you submit, the more leads you’ll receive.

4. Build trust and credibility

Every time you submit a project, your client can leave a review on your profile. As you collect more positive reviews, you’ll build more credibility and trust.

“My experience has been incredible. I’ve been able to optimize my profile so I receive up to 30 requests a day. I can firmly say that it’s a good business opportunity.”

Wilfredo Torres-Carattini, Stratellic Group

Ready to grow your client base? Join our Partner Program today or schedule a call with our Partner team to learn more about the Wix Marketplace.

Already have 2000 points or more in the Partner Program? Go ahead and apply right from your Partner Dashboard on desktop.



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