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di ThisNew
Print on demand & dropshipping provider.
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        Provide personalized service on 2000+ products with ThisNew's Mock-up Generator
        Sync and process orders directly from your online store after integration
        Dropship your order to your customers worldwide requiring no inventory or minimum quantity
    We’re a profesional supplier and a personalized product design platform that supports Dropshipping(No MOQ). Our mock-up generator can assist our customers in designing their products in no time. When there is an order made to your online store, ThisNew will Auto-Sync the order, you just need to verify the item(s) ordered and make payment to ThisNew. ThisNew will manage all the rest from production to delivery. ThisNew actualizes the perfect seller-buyer-factory collaboration. We are entrusted to manufacture high quality products and deliver them to your customers in a timely manner. Our factories are currently located both in North America and Asia. Thus, we can distribute and deliver our products to customers worldwide within a shorter period of time.
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