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NovaTomato: Print On Demand
di NovaTomato

NovaTomato: Print On Demand

di NovaTomato
Dropshipping, Premium & Sustainable Fashion
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  • Info su NovaTomato: Print On Demand

        Help creators build their brands
        Premium & Sustainable Fashion
        Online Design Studio with FREE patterns
    We're a fashion-on-demand platform enabling creators and designers to build their own fashion brands in a sustainable way. We aim to leverage technology to disrupt the traditional fashion industry. We have a wide range of highly designed active and casual wear products that allow Creators to design beautiful apparel and garments using our online Design Studio. With all-over-printing, the level of customization on our apparel is unique to the market. You order and we manufacture, package and drop-ship direct to your customers. No cost up-front, no excess inventory, no warehousing and logistics concerns for you. We offer branding services to help you add your brand personality with customized wash label and hang tags, all for free. We have strong engagement on sustainability and use as much recycled fabric and materials as possible. We work with leading apparel brands’ manufacturers to ensure the premium quality and sustainable principles. Our platform offers cutting-edge technology for product design. We're NovaTomato - Branded Fashion, Done Sustainably. Come browse our product catalog and design it using our intuitive user interface. You'll be amazed at what you can create!
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