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di BROSH.io
30 giorni di prova gratuita


di BROSH.io
Boost your sales and service with better data!
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30 giorni di prova gratuita
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  • Info su BROSH CRM

        Smart Sales Pipeline Management + grouping and coloring
        Quotes + Invoices + Orders + DOCS + Bulk / Mass Emails + Track Email Open
        Smart Data Management and Automation + clean duplicates
        Smart Leads / Tasks / Project management/ Marketing Campaigns + Email Finder & Verifier
    BROSH CRM is an online CRM system that enables sales and marketing teams to sell faster than ever before. Especially from the places they use the most e.g. LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. You can sell your products to b2b customers, generate quotes, orders and invoices like a pro, track leads, find and create new leads and opportunities and manage your support right inside BROSH CRM. BROSH CRM is also equipped with spreadsheet-like reports, consoles, smart related lists, powerful automation +the option to customize anything. The app comes with a powerful data management tool that will allow you to run bulk-updates and de-duplicate your data (leads/contacts / any object with related data). And you can even manage your employees via BROSH CRM.
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    Questa app offre una prova gratuita di 30 giorno/i
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    Smart Lists and Dashboard
    100 marketing records
    Find new leads
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    Smart Lists and Dashboard
    Up 2K records
    Email support
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    All BASIC features
    Up to 15K of records
    Up to 5 custom object
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    All Standard features
    Unlimited marketing records
    Unlimited # of Apps & Custom Objects
    Premium Support
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