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What our sales team learned from speaking to agencies

real calls vs. real websites

I manage one of our agency sales teams, which means I get to listen to a ton of phone calls between our sales reps and agencies who don't currently use Wix. Every conversation used to be an uphill battle for credibility. They still had the misconception that Wix was only a platform for beginners or those who don’t code.

It was clear to me they hadn’t heard of the major innovations we’ve made over the last few years, including advanced SEO solutions, accelerated web development, CRM, and built-in databases. To make light of this, we decided to create a campaign that highlights some of these calls and the outdated perception these agencies have of Wix.

Today, the professional market is seeing the level of sophistication and customization that can be achieved on our platform. Many agencies will tell us they've recently lost business to a competing agency that won a client by offering a faster turnaround time. Now, these agencies want to learn how to incorporate Wix into their business model, so they can have that same kind of flexibility.

The improved receptiveness from agencies wouldn't exist without phone calls like the ones in our video and without a platform that can back up our claim—that Wix truly is for professionals. Little by little, each time a sales rep challenges an agency on an outdated perception and successfully shows them what can be achieved with Wix, the digital marketing world takes note.

So as a company we encourage you to challenge Wix. Go ahead, tell us what Wix sites can’t do. Tell us what's stopping you from building on Wix and I'd be happy to show you how far Wix has grown.

You can check out the full campaign on what agency can do with Wix here.

Danny Hodge

Agency Partnerships, Wix Partners

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