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[Webinar] Creating a winning blog strategy for your clients

Profile photos of Jonathan Sitbon and Jean Anstett in a video player.

Your clients’ blog is key to the success of their business. With the right strategy in place, a blog can drive more traffic to your client sites, grow their communities and convert visitors into loyal customers. So how do you maximize the full potential of your clients’ blog?

On June 17 at 2PM EDT, Jonathan Sitbon, Blog Expert at Wix, will show you how he’s strategized some of the most popular blogs on the web—driving millions of visits.

Join our free webinar for agencies and learn how to:

  • Create a custom blog strategy for your clients

  • Leverage your clients’ blog to rank higher on Google

  • Stay ahead of the top blogging and long-form content trends of 2020

  • Research competitor blogs and analyze their performance

  • Guide your clients through the challenges of starting and establishing a blog

Jean Antsett, Agency Growth Expert and Account Management Team Lead at Wix, will moderate this webinar.

Be sure to stay till the end and bring your questions, so Jonathan can answer them live.

This webinar has already aired live, you can watch the recording here.

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