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A glimpse behind VTProDesign’s creative process

Bold Creators: VTProDesign

Meet VTProDesign, an innovative design studio creating immersive, story-driven worlds. Their agency was founded in 2008 and is based in the Glassell Park neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. VTProDesign is a team of 45, specializing in experiential design, creative design, storytelling, strategy, and multimedia. This team wouldn’t be complete without their four trusty office dogs—the kitchen vacuum, shop dog, guard dog, and emotional support dog. You can tell this agency approaches life with a lightheartedness that allows for true creative freedom.

VTProDesign pushes the limits with creative technology and integrated production. They use robots and VR to create immersive experiences—always looking for new and inventive ways to tell their clients’ stories. They’ve worked with the world’s top brand names including Google, MTV, Netflix, and Coachella.

We caught up with Michael Fullman, Chief Creative Officer, to get a glimpse behind their creative process and how they think differently.

Michael Fullman, Chief Creative Officer of VTProDesign

Q: What’s unique about VTProDesign?

A: One thing that makes us unique is how we collaborate with all our departments. At our core, we’re a group of individuals conceptualizing new ways of creating and designing user experiences with a huge amount of varying tools.

Q: Tell us about a customer success story and a failure you’ve experienced. A: One of our first really large exhibitions was the Blade Runner Comic-Con installation in 2017. At this point, we had never created such a large, immersive installation.

Working on this project with Giant Spoon was a huge success because they trusted us to develop the vision and experience. In the end, it just really felt like we accomplished what we set out to achieve both physically and creatively—for us and our client.

Q: Tell us about a failure you’ve experienced and how you’ve grown from it

A: There are always failures. We all go through them. We all have them. For us, it’s important to learn, absorb and move on. When you’re a younger designer, all you see are the success stories, but you don't necessarily hear about the risks, mistakes, and sometimes EPIC failures that go along with them.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

A: I don't think I ever realized I wanted to be a designer until late in college. Originally I wanted to apply to medical school and just made a switch. I was working in lighting design and theatre and then started meeting all these inspiring people.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Our in-house team brings in so many ideas and daily practices, which inspires a lot of our work. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with some incredible artists and designers in my career, which keeps pushing me forward.

Q: Tell us about your daily routine.

A: It honestly changes from day to day. Mostly, I try to be in the office by 8:30 in the morning. I'm a big believer in blocking out my time, not only for meetings but also to work on other tasks throughout the day. I've just found it helps me stay on task and focused on a goal. Even basic things like structuring time for exploring some dumb ideas on the Internet.

The team at VTProDesign
The team at VTProDesign

Q: What are your agency’s current goals?

A: Right now, we’re focused on our internal growth and development, but also continuing to learn. We’ve had a lot of opportunities over the years and we want to keep developing ourselves. Currently, we’re exploring how to help clients work differently in a changing marketplace, while still exploring the ideas and crazy concepts that inspire us.

Q: What’s your #1 tip for better collaboration and growth?

A: Collaboration is hard. Always be prepared to grow from new opportunities and challenges.

To learn more about VTProDesign, visit their website.

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