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Sales Pop
di CartKit

Sales Pop

di CartKit
Increase sales with recent sales notifications
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  • Info su Sales Pop

        Quickly increase conversions with FOMO
        Create trust & urgency for your products
        Set it and Forget It with Easy To Use Templates
        Embeds effortlessly into your Site
    More sales, higher conversions and less hassle — Sales Pop shows you're an authentic store. It shows people trust you. It shows your store is busy. Most importantly, it shows people want your products. In a world where FOMO (fear of missing out) is top of the consumer's mind, giving them the chance to see in real-time what others have purchased makes the customer jump on the bandwagon too. If you are a new store without an established brand, buyers might have hesitation purchasing for the first time leading to cart abandonment. Sales Pop kickstarts your sales by showing your new customers tha...
    t real people are making real purchases and eases the customers' minds. Use Sales Pop to: - Easily show recent purchases made on your Site - Turn site visitors into paying customers - Increase buyer urgency - Show social proof No complicated setups. Just install and enable! *** To use the Sales Pop app, please install the Wix Stores app first
    Disponibilità:L'app è disponibile in tutto il mondo.
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    Puoi tradurre tutti i contenuti dell'app mostrati sul tuo sito in qualunque lingua.
    Requisiti del sito:
    - Pacchetto Premium
    - Dominio collegato
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